Series G9103C
This LSI is an axis motor control local LSI with interpolation function for the Motionnet system. On receiving a command from the center LSI (G9001A), it can output high-speed pulses to drive stepper motors and servomotors. Using a variety of speed patterns, including constant speed, linear acceleration/deceleration, and S-curve acceleration/deceleration, this LSI affords control of various actions including continuous feeding, positioning, origin return operations, linear interpolation, and circular interpolation. Using communications, the system allows you to check operation status and output interrupt request signals with various conditions. If all LSIs connected to the center LSI are the G9103Cs, the system can be constructed to control up to 64 axes while saving wiring. This system for G9103C has high degree of compatibility with G9003, a conventional local LSI for single axis control without interpolation function. Therefore, G9103C can be mounted on a board for G9003 and operated by software for G9003. (There may be the case that software change is needed.)