PPCIe-8443 (4-axes) 

PPCle-8443 is an advanced 4 axes motion controller board with PCI Express interface. It can generate high frequency pulses (6.5 Mpps) to drive stepping motors and servo motors with pulse train input. It provides 2-axis circular, linear interpolation between 2 to 4 axes and continuous interpolation with velocity continuity. Also, changing positions and speeds on the fly are available in single axis operation. Multiple PPCle-8443 up to 12 boards can be used in one system. Incremental encoder interface with all four axes provides the ability to correct positioning errors generated by inaccurate mechanical transmissions. And with the help of on-board FIFO, PPCle-8443 can perform a precise and extremely fast position comparison and a trigger function without consuming CPU resource. In addition, mechanical sensor interface, servo motor interface and general-purpose 1/0 signals are provided for system integration.


NPMC6045A-4104B (4-axes)

he NPMC6045A-4104B is an advanced PC/104,4-axes motion control card that allows the user to control stepping motors or digital servo motors.The NPMC6045A-4104B incorporates a PCL6045B motion control chip (also available from NPM) as part of its compact design,and it comes with a C language library and an Evaluation Monitor.The software allows for easy set-up.
The main features of the NPMC6045A-4104B are:
・4-axes control for stepping motor and servo motor
・Max output frequency of 6.5Mpps
・Trapezoidal and S-curve motion profiles
・Any 2 axes circular interpolation
・2 to 4 axes linear interpolation
・28-bit up/down counter for incremental encoder feed back
・Speed and position change "on the fly"
・Various homing sequence
Although there are many possible applications for the NPMC6045A-4104B,those involved in semiconductor manufacturing,robot manufacturing,or medical instrumentation manufacturing will find board most appealing.

FMC32 (1-axis)

The FM32 can register up to 32 operation patterns and up to 256 steps of execution sequence program in the internal memory and automatically process them in the registered sequence using only the board.
To control operation patterns,Pulse control LSI PCD2112 for Serial Bus control is equipped.
The FMC32 contains a 2-phase stepping motor driver (NP3775E3) to drive bipolar stepping motor.
Through the use of a switch,the FMC32 can output pulse to external drivers.