How to Use Motionnet ?

To communicate using a properly connected Motionnet, the items that the CPU needs to tell the G9001 (center device) are very simple. The G9001 will start cyclic communication with just the following two instructions.

1. Issue a "System communication" command By issuing this command to the G9001 (center device), the G9001 will check what devices are connected to the communication circuit. The items it checks are as follows: the device type (G9002 or other devices); if appropriate, the setting conditions of the I/O ports; the device address of each device. With this command the G9001 can automatically obtain and set the device information on the circuit. The results can be referred to and changed by the CPU. When the checks are complete, the "CEND" (bit 0) in the G9001 status register changes. After seeing this bit change, the next instruction can be issued.

2. Issue an "I/O communication start" command The G9001 will start cyclic communication with the devices whose addresses were obtained in step 1 above.

That’s all there is to it. For example, an I/O device that is set up as an input port sends input data to the internal RAM in the G9001 (center device). On the other hand, by simply writing data into the internal RAM, an I/O device that is set up as an output port will receive the data. The addresses in the internal RAM are allocated values corresponding to the device numbers. The details of this function are described in the following section. For even more detailed information, see the user's manual. (The address map is shown in the manual.)

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