About - Motionnet

Motionnet is a super high-speed serial communication system.

The G9000 devices provide input/output control, motor control, CPU emulation and message communication with their high speed serial communications (up to 20Mbps) all of which are required by current Factory Automation techniques.
Motionnet always transfers 4 bytes of data in 15.1μsec using cyclic communication to control input and output. While this data is being transferred, it can communicate a maximum of 256 bytes, such as motor control data, and the LSI controls the data transmission using interrupts.
Communication times can be calculated using formulas, allowing you to see that Motionnet guarantees the real-time oriented support needed by FA industries.
We confidently recommend our Motionnet as the best major communication system solution for jobs like controlling FA equipment.


               Motionnet functions

  • Provides a communication protocol based on the RS485 standard.
  • The proprietary communication protocol was created by NPM. Other systems can be constructed independently by users.
  • Can communicate variable length data from 1 to 128 words (when a 16-bit CPU is used)
  • An LSI center device (G9001) controls the bus.
  • I/O wiring can be greatly reduced by using a G9002 I/O device.
  • Motor control wiring can be reduced by using a G9003 PCL.
  • Using a G9004 CPU emulation device reduces the wiring for general devices connected to a CPU. Data can be exchanged between CPUs by changing the G9004 mode.
  • New devices can be added to the system while the system is operating.
  • Systems can be isolated using pulse transformers.
  • Motionnet communicates using half-duplex.
  • A single 3.3V power supply is used. Even so, it can be connected to 5V devices.

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